Baby carrots?

Where do baby carrots come from?

A true baby carrot is grown to the “baby stage” usually to thin out a crop or grown for specialty reasons; which is expensive.

The smooth cute baby carrots at the grocery store have a different story. Baby carrots are the rejects of the crop.  Due to the obsession with appearance, the conventional food systems take the rejects, ones that are too crooked & deformed, and put them through a machine. The machine cuts, forms, and peels the carrots to perfection. The perfect carrots are then dipped in a chlorinated bath as an antimicrobial treatment. (FDA approved).  According to Dr. Joe Schwarz, professor of chemistry at McGill University, this chlorinated bath is not harmful. “The whole point of washing vegetables with chlorinated water is to protect consumers’ health by reducing bacteria that could cause foodborne illnesses.” Even though, the chlorinated bath may not be harmful, it doesn’t sound appetizing. And, what about the white film that develops on baby carrots after they have been in the refrigerator too long? The white film is the carrots drying out prematurely.  Some say it is okay to rinse the carrot and eat it; other says it is the film from the chlorinated bath and should be tossed. This is debatable. To avoid any debate, buy organic baby carrots that are washed with a citrus-based non toxic solution called Citrox or better yet buy whole carrots. It only takes a second to wash and cut a whole carrot. Plus, whole carrots are more nutritious than baby carrot s because all the goodness is in the skin and just below the skin.



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