Grilled chicken with some arsenic, please.

Nitarsone and Roxarsone are drugs used in chicken, swine, and turkey feed. The two drugs contain arsenic which is carcinogenic. The drugs promote growth and kill parasites.  Both drugs are used in the United States and in a dozen other countries. Pfizer, the company who produces the two drugs believes the drugs are harmless. However, they are pulling Roxarsone off the market in the United States but will continue selling it in a dozen other countries. Crazy!  But, hey, according to the FDA, Michael Taylor, deputy commissioner for foods, and Pfizer we should continue eating the chickens that have been fed the drugs. Seriously?

If you haven’t been convinced in the past to purchase organic pasture raised chickens & turkeys maybe this article will change your mind.


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  1. sandie

    this is scary

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