Deb’s Bio

About Deb: My passions in life are simple. I love healthy nutrition, outdoor adventure, and traveling near or far. I have been fortunate enough to adventure race through the jungles of Vietnam and the Pyrenees Mountains of France;Backpack throughout Egypt;Run 200 miles through the Alps;Work with orphanages in Bulgaria and care for HIV babies in South Africa. These diverse and enriching experiences have shaped who I am today.

Professional Background: Prior to my private practice as a nutritionist, I spent ten years as a social worker working with individuals with developmental disabilities. This experience greatly improved my communication skills, compassion, flexibility, and understanding of individual’s specific needs. After returning from overseas in 2007, I decided to follow my passion and I returned to school to pursue a Masters of Science degree in Nutrition.

Personal Background: I became interested in nutrition during my college soccer career. I took a nutrition class and was amazed at how little I knew. It wasn’t until a few years later when I began adventure racing, that my obsession with the idea that “food is my fuel” started. In multi-day adventure racing one competes around the clock, paddling, mountain biking, running, and rappelling on an unmarked course while needing to be fully self-sustained. Being the only woman on the adventure racing team, I absolutely needed to be fit and healthy otherwise my team couldn’t be competitive. It was during these long races that I experimented with food to help fend off hallucinations (from sleep deprivation), prevent muscle cramps, and more importantly, avoid bonking. I learned what worked and what didn’t work. What foods kept my muscle glycogen topped off, and what foods repaired my body. Besides adventure racing, I have competed in Tor des Geants (206 mile non-stop trail run in the Alps), Ironman South Africa, numerous 100 mile ultra trail races, marathons, and sprint triathlons and each event regardless of how big or small it has taught me that it requires proper fueling for optimal performance and recovery. FOOD is FUEL. If you put crummy food into your body, you can expect crummy results!

Regardless of whether you are a competitive CrossFitter, a triathlete, a weekend warrior, or just someone who wants to feel consistently healthy, learning what is in your food and what you put into your body is the best thing you can do for yourself! It can be the difference between feeling energetic and alive or stressed and depleted.  It can also be the difference between success and failure.

Goals: One of my professional goals is to create individualized, custom nutrition programs for my clients. I enjoy teaching clients about the benefits of eating “whole foods” while learning about their specific needs without judgment. I do not believe in quick fixes or unrealistic diets. Nutrition programs are a lifestyle change. That can be an overwhelming concept at first, but change takes time. I believe in setting realistic goals, making a commitment to those goals, and working together to accomplish the goals with patience, compassion, and encouragement.

 Insurance Accepted:  Premera Blue Cross, Regence Blue Shield, Uniform Medical Plan, Aetna, Lifewise and many more.


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